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Reasons Why People Own Dogs

Dogs are significant pets in humans’ life. Dogs are very much friendly to humans and easily interact with humans. Some people refer to them as man’s best friend of all the pets. Dogs are cool, and they don’t demand much. Dogs just need food and shelter from their owner’s anything else they don’t care about. These canines are very much humble and take orders from the owners without questioning. There are different breeds of dogs. They come in different sizes and colors. When you want to buy a dog; the breed determines the cost. Some races cannot survive in some weather conditions while others can survive anywhere.

The main purpose why everyone would want to own a dog security. Where there is a healthy and mature dog, safety is guaranteed. When provoked dogs can be very much dangerous and can cause harm. Dogs can mark boundaries of the areas they keep watch. Dogs have a strong sense of smell that combines with its memory to make them very much reliable to humans. Due to the high smelling sense dogs can easily tell when an intruder is in their territory. They alert the owner by barking loudly. It’s impossible to get in a homestead where there is a healthy dog unnoticed .

countries have since engaged dogs in assisting them cub criminology and detect illegal substances coming to the countries. They are used in the recovery of illegal medicines and some harmful weapon. Police use dogs to detect possible hideouts of criminals. They are mostly applied when criminals are required alive or need to be handled in a way that they won’t escape. Some people have been trained how to deal with the dogs and specially trained ones since they are extra fierce. It is the reason why people use dogs to defend them. Dogs are swift and can run faster than humans, and that’s why police use them when possible culprits escape.

Dog provide people with the company. When one is in distress dogs can help minimize the feeling. Dogs like playing and they engage even their owners. The friendly nature of dogs allow humans to pet them and relieve stress. Despite being good security agents, dogs also act a companion for kids whose parents are working far from home. Parents can easily teach their kids about courage and humility using the example of a dog.

Interacting with a dog when one is lonely in the house helps one to improve their interacting skills. Through them people appreciate the importance of having company in their lives. Due to dogs high speed of running people train with them. Dogs offer assistance to people, and that’s the reason people find it easy to live with them.

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