The Interesting Facts About Semarang

Semarang, located in Java Island, is the capital city of Central Java. It is a large city in the province with 373.78 square km. More facts about Semarang can be found when you come there by yourself and explore it more. Though this city is not known as the best tourist destination place, but you still will find some interesting places in this city when you come visiting it. Most of the tourist attractions can be enjoyed by all ages as you can enjoy it with your family or with your friends. Many tourists who want to have a holiday in this city head straightly to the two popular beaches with beautiful sandy attractions in Semarang; Martina Beach and Kartini Beach. If you want something different from the enjoyable beaches, then you still will find a lot of other attractions like wonderful parks. It may be hard find destination places if your next vacation list is in Semarang, but it will be worth once you find it since Semarang secretly has spectacular sightseeing and great tourist attractions.

The interesting facts about Semarang is it has only a few destination places but all of them are worth to be explored with your family, friends, or even by yourself alone. There are some destination places that can be your next list trip when visiting this city on your weekend.

  • Simpang Lima. People know Simpang Lima only exists in Kediri, but in fact, Semarang also has its. Simpang Lima is an attraction place with park theme. It is located in the middle of the city. There are shopping malls and restaurants which offer anything you want as your souvenir. The highlight of this place is from the food stalls there where you can find many traditional foods of Semarang and Indonesia. This is the right place if you want to have an experience with busy daily life in this city.
  • Blenduk Church. This Protestant church has beautiful towers and dome that are really beautiful. It has traditional Dutch decoration and architecture, this church becomes the most historical building in Semarang and even in Central Java.
  • Semarang Harbour. This place always becomes the great place to hang out when you are in Semarang. It is a good spot where you can watch various different sailing vessels and boats which come and go. Also, this is a good spot to see beautiful view of the area of Tanjung Mas.

Semarang has more wonderful places you can find; it is full of happiness Visiting each of them will reveal the great facts about Semarang that you can only know if you come there. This city is really interesting with some beautiful places and attractions that are definitely enjoyable. You can visit those places with your family or friends and live it up there. This city may not have many tourists as much as Bali or Yogyakarta but it will not disappoint you. Take some photos, and it will be one of your memorable experiences.


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