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Microneedling in Dermatology Skincare has indeed come a long way from the traditional and natural methods commonly used hundreds of years ago, especially with the rapid advancement of technology and the continuous medical researches over the years that also has paved the way for breakthroughs and modern methods and utilities that we all know today. In dermatological science, which for many years has sought to find ways to address all sorts of skin problems, breakthroughs continue to be discovered and developed every year to create products and tools that can even defy age and its unwanted effects on the skin. As the number of esthetic clinics continue to rise in the previous years, more and more consumers are drawn in to the promise of modern procedures to finally achieve that perfect skin that seems to elude a lot of people. Commonly, a lot of the procedures carried out in derma clinics aim to induce collagen production and the regeneration of skin as a solution to a wide range of skin problems from wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation to all sorts of scars, as through local stimulation, the regeneration process can also be controlled and targeted for specific areas only. Microneedling, a dermatological process which has been practiced in many clinics for perhaps more than a decade already, is a popular procedure that uses a handheld roller with short needles, which are repeatedly run across the affected skin to stimulate collagen production by creating invisible, pinpoint wounds. The treatment kick-starts the natural healing process of our skin, but on particular, troubled areas like the face, which often gets the most problems from stubborn scars to deep, noticeable wrinkles, as the needle pricks reaches deeper in the skin so the layers that must be renewed can be reached.
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Although microneedling is a common facial procedure, the dermaroller can also be used on the rest of our body, wherever there is a similar problem that needs skin regeneration, with a lot of patients also claiming that microneedling has helped to eliminate even stubborn stretchmarks on the belly, legs, and arms, but deeper skin problems also require longer needles. With a much less downtime and very little adverse effects post procedure, more clients prefer this treatment over other invasive ones, not to mention that microneedling also helps in firming saggy skin and smoothing out large pores so your skin looks significantly smoother.
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For patients who also use facial creams as part of their regimen, the tiny punctures created by microneedling also helps the products to penetrate the skin deeper so you get better results faster. But as with all body issues, what we eat everyday still contributes a lot to our outer glow, so keeping a nutritious diet will also be helpful in achieving that perpetually young looking skin.

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